Creating a collaborative community of hope, joy and strength in West Central Winnipeg based on mutual support, dialogue and caring.


March 2018

“I like [WestEnd Commons] way better. It’s like a night and day difference compared to how we used to live. Yeah, everything is just stabling out, stabilizing.”

WestEnd Commons Resident / Read Full Report



Our Mission

The mission of SMNPH is to provide no-profit housing with supports and provide space for community resources for the diverse population of the neighbourhood in order to build strong families and communities.


Our Model

“The support model at WestEnd Commons is multi-faceted. Tenants are seen as members of the community rather than solely as renters, and WestEnd Commons’ way of working flows from this understanding. Rather than adopting rigid policies and procedures, WestEnd Commons considers the complexities of tenant’s lives by responding on a case-by-case basis” (Klassen, 2018, p. 5-6).



WestEnd Commons housing includes 26 apartments for low to medium income families. Apartment sizes range from one-to four-bedroom units of which 6 are accessible. 20 units are subsidized by Manitoba Housing. We provide more than just the bricks and mortar of housing. We also provide a social environment that is welcoming, supportive and inclusive.

social enterprise

In order to keep the NRC operating and accessible for the neighbourhood it needs to become self-sustaining. Creating a social enterprise is seen by SMNPH as the best way to balance the goal of providing well maintained rental space for the community residents and organizations while ensuring financial viability.

Neighbourhood resource centre (nrc)

For 40 years the lower level of 641 St. Matthews Avenue – the WestEnd Commons – has been a Neighbourhood Resource Centre. Different agencies and community groups work in the Neighbourhood Resource Centre to support and build up the people of West Central Winnipeg.

faith communities

Faith matters; all faith expressions, including no faith commitment, are respected in The WestEnd CommonsFounding members Grain of Wheat and St. Matthew’s Anglican Church, as well as other, smaller churches, call The WestEnd Commons home.


Our Impact

The combination of affordable housing and the availability of additional supports are key ingredients for improving people’s lives. In addition to the various resources offered in the Neighbourhood Resource Centre in the WestEnd Commons’ lower level, there is a Community Connector who works to bring people together and offer support where needed. The impact on the families that live at the WestEnd Commons is immense.



Years Serving the community

Together we will work towards the best possible future for each person.


organizations call THE wec home

We are home to five faith congregations and five community organizations.


of People Impacted

We welcome people of all backgrounds to access the resources provided at WEC.