Faith Communities


Faith matters; all faith expressions, including no faith commitment, are respected in The WestEnd Commons. Faith is a dimension of life in the Commons, but in no way a requirement. The founding principle of St. Matthews Non Profit Housing Inc. is a respect for the human dignity and rights of each person as well as a desire for the well-being of the children, women and men who call The WestEnd Commons home.

St. Matthew’s Anglican Church

St. Matthew’s has served this west end neighbourhood for 115 years. As the character of the neighbourhood around St. Matthew’s changed in the 1960’s, the congrega­tion faithfully shifted focus from serving its members to serving the needs of the neighbourhood. In 1972 in partnership with Maryland United Church, St. Matthews Maryland Community Ministry was started and continues to serve the neighbourhood through the Neighbourhood Resource Centre. The development of The WestEnd Commons is an extension of its mission in the neighbourhood and a way for St. Matthew’s to continue as a worshipping congrega­tion here in the heart of the city – in the heart of God.

Grain of Wheat Church-Community

In 1981, Grain of Wheat started as a non-denominational “intentional Christian community.” Members have a deep commitment to worship, mutual support, and service to the community. Although most of our 66 members plus children live in the Wolseley area, in 2006, Grain of Wheat was pleased to make the lower level of St. Matthew’s Church its worship centre. Partnering with St Matthew’s Parish in this mixed housing and community service facility is one way for Grain of Wheat to live out its mission to serve the larger community.

Mt. Zion Shiloh Apostolic

Shiloh Apostolic is a small Jamaican family fellowship that worships each Sunday in the Pentecostal tradition. They have gathered here for twenty years.

Church of Jesus Christ, Son of Living God

Ambassadors of Christ's Gospel Ministry

Winnipeg Connection Church